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In the Pampered Pooch Mobile Pet Spa van your dog will be groomed by one certified groomer from start to finish. Each time that your dog is groomed, your dog will become more familiar and more comfortable with the groomer, and the grooming experience will then become something that your dog will look forward to.

One of the many benefits to mobile grooming is that your dog never has to leave the security and comfort of his/her own driveway. Although most dogs behave better when mom and dad aren't around, they still have the comfort of being escorted to and from the van by their owner.

Your dogs comfort is our primary concern. We do not use any sedatives on your dog. We believe in giving lots of TLC, especially to those dogs that are very nervous and new to the whole grooming experience.

Mobile Grooming is faster - Your dog will be groomed within a relatively short period of time

There are fewer distractions/stress - There are no other dogs around which may intimidate or upset your dog. No other barking dogs. No other owners walking in and out of the shop.

Mobile grooming is safer - No worry of transporting your dog to and from the groomer. No worry of any interaction with other dogs which may be vicious or carrying a disease.

The groom mobile is air-conditioned / heated - For Comfort, our mobile van is fully air-conditioned in the summer, and heated in the winter.

We hand blow dry - Your dog will be dried by a certified groomer.



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