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Spa Bath - Pets are bathed twice in all natural shampoos chosen to benefit their individual skin and coat needs and a Luxury Remoisturizer is applied to pets in need of it. Mini-shed-less process is done during the bath and pets are hand-fluff dried for optimal results. And to finish things off, bows or a bandana and cologne are put on the pet.
Mini Groom - Includes the Spa Bath, plus; trimming around eyes, feet, and sanitary areas.
Full Service Groom - Includes the Spa Bath, plus a grooming of your choice (Breed trims or Scissor cuts).
Comfort Clip - Includes the Spa Bath, plus an all-over short hair cut. This is what is used on really matted pets.

Our Specialized Equipment

HydroSurge Luxury Bathing System - This system combines the therapeutic concepts of whirlpool baths and hydrotherapy. Invigorating whirlpool jet action removes loose hair and dead skin for the healthiest coat possible and massages away the aches and pains caused by poor circulation and arthritis. And for dogs with hip dysplasia, it provides a wonderful relief.
Special Support System for Senior Pets - To assist our senior pet clients, we even offer a special harness support system that eliminates the stress and strain caused by standing.
Custom Hydraulic Stainless Steel Tub - Unlike plastics and fiberglass, the non-bacteria-harboring stainless steel surface is smooth, allowing us to effectively sanitize between treatments. The hydraulic tub lowers to the ground so even the most arthritic dog can walk right in and it is big enough to accommodate a st.bernard with ease.
Clipper Vac Grooming System - This system vacuums up the hair that is being cut to ensure that your pet gets a smoother haircut in a clean environment. My clipper blades will never get so hot that they burn your pet.
Electric Grooming Table - This table lowers to the level in which your pet can walk onto the table rather than being lifted.
Superior Cleanliness - All grooming tools and surface areas are cleaned and sterilized after each use. I use disinfectants recommended by veterinarians to kill bacteria and diseases.

Top of the line products - We honestly believe "you get what you pay for" and this is true with the products we choose to use in our spa. From the ear cleaner to the leave in conditioner, we have selected the best products we could find to leave your pet looking, and smelling, their very best!


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